About us


Réseau végétal Québec is a business association specializing in crop productions. Our members provide farmers with the supplies they need to ensure the health of their soils and crops, including crop nutrition, crop protection or seeds.

Businesses that are members of the RVQ are also active in research and development. They create products, programs and services to help farmers improve their practices. They are on the lookout for technological innovations and prioritize the sharing of knowledge.

Advisors working for our members are professionals with expertise in their specific field. Their agronomic and technico-economic knowledge is always at the cutting edge to better help farmers overcome challenges and reach their objectives.

Members’ profile

Active A Member: Business involved directly in retail and/or partnering with a network of retailers, offering fertilizers, and/or crop protection products and/or seeds to farms.

Voting A Member: a person employed by a business.

Active B Member: Business with its main activities being selling supplies or raw materials needed for the activities of category A members.

Voting B Member: a person employed by a business.

Associated Member: Any business not fitting in either the A or B member category, sharing the Association’s mission and vision as well as common interests with its members, can present a request to the Board of Directors to join the Association as an associate member.

Voting Associate Member: has all the rights and powers granted to its class by the bylaws, including the right to attend, speak and vote at members’ meetings, but only for the purpose of electing directors, to be eligible for election as a director, and to participate in various activities and events.


Promoting and recognizing input suppliers’ technical and scientific expertise in crop production and their contribution to a sustainable agriculture in Québec.


Being a key leader in the crop sector, recognized for its concerted approach, its innovative spirit and its added value for the development of its members and Québec’s agriculture.


We show consideration to people around us, to our decision-making bodies, between members and to all the sector’s stakeholders. Respect is crucial for the development of a culture of trust and openness, and it’s the basis of all our actions and interactions.

We continuously offer an outstanding service, improve our practices and our knowledge, and are always on the lookout for all the industry’s trends. We make sure to share accurate, complete, sound and validated information, as well as take decisions to benefit all members, regardless of their model or size.

We recognize that each of us has a role to play in the agricultural sector development. Social, environmental and economic responsibilities are at the heart of our thinking and actions.

We are honest and transparent in our exchanges. We try to be objective, make fair commentaries and take informed decisions.

Our team and our members are dedicated to the promotion of the Association and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. They are actively involved in achieving the RVQ’s mission and vision.

We prioritize common interests, both those of the whole industry and those of society, rather than individual interests. Our members show consistency in their interventions, their comments and their actions.


Members of the Réseau végétal Québec believe:

  • in the promotion of good practices to benefit the crops, the soils and the environment
  • in the “4R” concept: Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time, Right Place
  • that crop production inputs, used properly, are crucial tools to develop a sustainable agriculture
  • in knowledge obtained through sciences
  • in the cohabitation of public and private expertise and R&D
  • in sectorial concerted work
  • in the diversity of agriculture models (conventional, sustainable, organic, etc.)

The goal: To contribute to a strong innovative, responsible and sustainable agriculture!

The beginnings

The Réseau végétal Québec always took to heart making positive contributions to discussions, reflections and finding solutions befitting their contemporary issues.

Established on March 6, 1995, the Association has changed name several times, always aiming to better meet the farmers’ needs and consumers’ expectations.

First created as Les Engrais chimiques du Québec, the Organization became the Association des fabricants d’engrais du Québec in 1982, and then became the Professional Association in Crop Nutrition in 2009.

For several decades, the members of the Association have made the promotion of the best practices, shared skills and collaborated with the crop production stakeholders. They were involved in different organizations and groups dedicated to research, sharing information in their field of expertise and contributing to several documents and communication tools to pass on their knowledge.

In 2009, the Association launched Le Rendez-vous végétal with its partners, the Association des négociants en céréales du Québec, CropLife Canada and Le Bulletin des agriculteurs. Organized with a sectoral approach, this conference event gathers nearly 600 people each year from the whole crop production industry.


Since 2021, the association evolves into the Réseau végétal Québec, to include all its members’ activities specific to the plant sector (fertilizers, crop protection, seeds, and advisory services), and represent the value of their contribution to a sustainable agriculture