Becoming a member

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The Association offers three categories of membership: Active “A” Member, Active “B” Member and Associate Member.

Businesses with their main activities being selling, mixing and distributing fertilizers, and/or selling and distributing crop protection products, and/or selling and distributing seeds directly to farmers.

Businesses with their main activities being selling supplies or raw materials needed for the activities of category A Members.

Any business not fitting in either the A or B Member category, sharing the Association’s mission and vision as well as common interests with its members, can present a request to the Board of Directors to join the Association as an Associate Member.


Representing and promoting your sector

Accessing tools and services offered exclusively to our members

Participating in unique networking events

Staying on the cutting edge of your sector

Application form

To request an application form to Réseau végétal Québec, fill and return the form below. Someone will contact you for additional details. Then, the Board of Directors will consider your application and make a decision; it can exercise its discretion to accept or deny the membership request, without having to explain its decision.

Decision will then be forwarded, including an invoice for the membership fees if need be.

Le Rendez-vous végétal

Organized with a sectorial approach, this conference event gathers each year nearly 600 people each year from the whole crop production industry.

Equip yourself to better meet your daily challenges!