October 28th, 2021|General

The first board of directors for Réseau végétal québec is elected

On October 27, 2021, the members of Réseau végétal Québec were gathered in an Extraordinary General Meeting to endorse the composition of the new Board of Directors, now including:

  • 8 seats for A Members
  • 3 seats for B Members
  • 1 seat for Associate Members
  • 1 ex-officio seat for CropLife Canada

Announcement of the new board of directors

At the end of the application period, on October 15, the following persons were elected by acclamation, considering that the number of applications received were the same as the number of positions available.

At the end of the Extraordinary General Meeting, the new Directors met to elect the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer These positions are assigned for a one-year period.

A Members

Chair: Sylvain Lavoie, Agr., MBA, Synagri SEC Saint-Hyacinthe
Vice-chair: Abderrezak Khedim, M. Sc., William Houde Ltée
Richard Adam, Agr., MBA, Agrocentre Fertibec
Georges Chaussé, Sollio Agriculture
Sébastien Chénard, William Houde Ltée (Usine de St-Damase)
Éric Dionne, Agr., Pedigrain
Dany Gagnon, T.P., La Coop Comax
Yannick Méthot, Agr., Agrocentre SQS

B Members

Stéphane Beaucage, Agro-100 Ltée
Patrice Lévesque, Bayer Crop Science
Louis-Philippe Pépin, Agr., MBA, Corteva Agriscience

Associate Members

Secretary-Treasurer : Charles Gauvin, Agr., Farm Credit Canada

CropLife Canada Member

Pierre Petelle, CropLife Canada

Electing a Board: the last transitional step towards Réseau végétal Québec

Remember that this transitional process from PACN to Réseau végétal Québec officially began on March 26, 2021, with the adoption of the new logo, new mission statements, and a vision more representative of our members and two new values.

Gathered in Annual General Meeting on September 22, the members adopted the modifications to the General Regulations, including to the Member Categories and the composition of the Board of Directors for the association to have a governance that is representative of its members.

The formation of the new Réseau végétal Québec Board of Directors is officially completing the association’s transition.

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