March 26th, 2021|General

PACN is becoming Réseau végétal Québec

The members of the Professional Association in Crop Nutrition (PACN) have proudly adopted a new corporate identity. Established in 1956, the association will continue to operate under the name Réseau végétal Québec, more inclusive and representative of the vast expertise of its members in the crop industry.

“The businesses that are members of our association always had the main objective to provide support to farmers and help them ensure the profitability of their crops” has declared Sylvain Lavoie, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Today, we are pleased to further strengthen our position as leaders in the industry based on the rigorous technical and scientific expertise of our members and by promoting the best practices.”

This change of name marks the end of a reflection process that took several years. “During this process, the Board’s Directors showed a real commitment to take into account the current reflection on resources and our environment” mentioned Sébastien Lacroix, General Manager. “With this new identity, the Réseau végétal Québec members have adopted the necessary tools to show their contribution to a strong, innovative, responsible and sustainable agriculture.”

About Réseau végétal Québec

Réseau végétal Québec is a business association specializing in the crop production industry. Our members provide farmers with the supplies they need to ensure the health of their soils and crops, including crop nutrition, crop protection or seeds. Our members provide jobs for more than 1,200 people in Québec, including almost 300 for crop production advisors.

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