September 2nd, 2021|General

Fertilizer Canada presents ”Fertilizer by the Numbers” – Register Now!

Fertilizer Canada is hosting an upcoming virtual event, Fertilizer by the Numbers on Wednesday, September 15th, 11AM – 1:30PM EDT

Canada continues to make strides in the recovery efforts from COVID-19. With a Federal election call, Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19 will likely top the list of key issues this election however environmental policies are also poised to be at the forefront of many debates. As an industry we know that economic and environmental policies must work hand in hand, but how do Canadians feel about our industry and the key issues and policies that affect us?

Join the event as Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist of CIBC Capital Markets, provides an outlook on Canada’s economic future and delves into how this might affect the market trends we care most about. Followed by Bruce Anderson Chairman of Abacus Data, who will provide the latest polling insights on what the public knows about fertilizer, its role in growing food, and understanding the trade-offs that the public is willing to make between aggressive climate action, economic development, and the opportunity for Canada to become an agricultural superpower.


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